MPSP Publications

Selected scientific publications of our MPSP PhD candidates

Here you will find selected recent publications involving at least one of our MPSP PhD candidates as author. (Our Fellows and PhD candidates are highlighted in the authors lists). 

Publications in 2022

  • Neuhaus, M.; Schötz, J.; Aulich, M.; Srivastava, A.; Kimbaras, D.; Smejkal, V.; Pervak, V.; Alharbi, M. ; Azzeer, A.; Libisch, F.; Lemell, C.; Burgdörfer, J.; Wang, Z. and Kling, M.F. "Transient field-resolved reflectometry at 50–100 THz," Optica 9, 42-49 (2022)


Publications in 2021

  • A. Barreda , S. Hell, M. A. Weissflog, A. Minovich, T. Pertsch, & I. Staude (2021). Metal, dielectric and hybrid nanoantennas for enhancing the emission of single quantum dots: A comparative study. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 276, 107900.

  • C. Boemer, D. Krebs, A. Benediktovitch, E. Rossi, S. Huotari, and N. Rohringer (2021) Towards novel probes for valence charges via x-ray optical wave mixing. Faraday Discuss., 228:451–469, 2021.

  • Brockmeier, J., Mackwitz, P. W. M., Rüsing, M., Eigner, C., Padberg, L., Santandrea, M., ... & Berth, G. (2021). Non-Invasive Visualization of Ferroelectric Domain Structures on the Non-Polar y-Surface of KTiOPO4 via Raman Imaging. Crystals, 11(9), 1086. 

  • Couperus Cabadag, J. P., [...], Foerster, F. M., et al. (2021). Gas-dynamic density downramp injection in a beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerator. Physical Review Research, 3.

  • Eismann J.S., M. Neugebauer, K. Mantel, P. Banzer (2021) Absolute characterization of high numerical aperture microscope objectives utilizing a dipole scatterer Light: Science & Applications 10 (1), 1-7

  • Haerteis L., E. Renner, K. Scheffter, and B. Schmauss, "Quasi-Distributed Temperature Sensing with Large-Scale Draw Tower Gratings," in OSA Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress 2021 (AIS, FTS, HISE, SENSORS, ES), S. Buckley, F. Vanier, S. Shi, K. Walker, I. Coddington, S. Paine, K. Lok Chan, W. Moses, S. Qian, P. Pellegrino, F. Vollmer, G. , J. Jágerská, R. Menzies, L. Emmenegger, and J. Westberg, eds., OSA Technical Digest (Optical Society of America, 2021), paper SM5A.7.

  • Hahn V. et al., (2021) Two-step absorption instead of two-photon absorption in 3D nanoprinting. Nature Photonics 15, 932–938 (2021).

  • Hu, C. X., Li, W. Z., Zhang, W. B., Gong, X. C., Wu, J., & He, F. (2021). Angle-resolved Rabi flopping in strong-field dissociation of molecules. Physical Review A, 103(4), 043122.

  • Knopf H., M. Zilk, S. Bernet, G. Q. Ngo, F. A. Abtahi, A. George, E. Najafidehaghani, Z. Gan, M. A. Weissflog, T. Vogl, A. Turchanin, U. Schulz, S. Schröder, F. Eilenberger. (2021). Second Harmonic Generation in monolayer WS2 with double resonant Bragg-Cavities. 2021 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe & European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO/Europe-EQEC). (pp. 1-1). IEEE.   

  • Kumar M., P. Kumar, A. Vega, M. A. Weissflog, T. Pertsch, & F. Setzpfandt. (2021). Mid-infrared photon pair generation in AgGaS2. Applied Physics Letters, 119(24), 244001.

  • Lamprianidis, A. G.; Zambrana-Puyalto, X.; Rockstuhl, C.; Fernandez-Corbaton, I. (2021) Directional Coupling of Emitters into Waveguides: A Symmetry Perspective. Laser and Photonics Reviews, Art.NR: 2000516. 

  • Li, W., & He, F. (2021). Generation and application of a polarization-skewed attosecond pulse train. Physical Review A, 104(6), 063114.

  • Lohse, L. M., Vassholz, M. & Salditt, T. (2021). On incoherent diffractive imaging. Acta Cryst. A77, 480-496.

  • Mantel K., I. Barakat, V. Nercissian, I. Harder, and S. Rothau (2021) "Phase singularity reduction in speckle interferometry by tailoring the spatial coherence of light," Appl. Opt. 60, 7043-7053

  • S. Nechayev, J.S. Eismann, R. Alaee, E. Karimi, R.W. Boyd, P. Banzer (2021) Kelvin's chirality of optical beams: Physical Review A 103 (3), L031501

  • E. Renner, L. Haerteis, N. Weiss, and B. Schmauss (2021). A Novel Approach in Raman Temperature Sensing in Optical Fiber based on Broadband Incident Light," in Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, J. Kang, S. Tomasulo, I. Ilev, D. Müller, N. Litchinitser, S. Polyakov, V. Podolskiy, J. Nunn, C. Dorrer, T. Fortier, Q. Gan, and C. Saraceno, eds., OSA Technical Digest (Optical Society of America, 2021), paper ATh2S.2.

  • Renner E., L. -S. Haerteis, A. Rittler and B. Schmauss, (2021) Implementation of a Digital Shadow for Fiber Bragg Gratings 2021 International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices (NUSOD) pp. 103-104, doi: 10.1109/NUSOD52207.2021.9541525.

  • Santiago-Cruz T., A. Fedotova, V. Sultanov, M. A. Weissflog, D. Arslan, M. Younesi, T. Pertsch, I. Staude, F. Setzpfandt, & M. Chekhova, (2021). Photon Pairs from Resonant Metasurfaces. Nano Letters. 21, 10, 4423–4429.

  • Skruszewicz S, Fuchs S, Abel JJ, Nathanael J, Reinhard J, Rödel C, Wiesner F, Wünsche M, Wachulak P, Bartnik A, Janulewicz K, Fiedorowicz H, Paulus GG. (2021) Coherence tomography with broad bandwidth extreme ultraviolet and soft X-ray radiation. Appl Phys B Lasers Opt. 2021;127(4):1-10.

  • Soltau J., Lohse L., Osterhoff M., and Salditt T. (2021). Finite-difference propagation for the simulation of x-ray multilayer optics, Opt. Express 29, 41932-41953

  • Vogl T., H. Knopf, M. A. Weissflog, P. K. Lam, & F. Eilenberger. (2021). Sensitive single-photon test of extended quantum theory with two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride. Physical Review Research, 3(1), 013296.

  • Weissflog M. A., M. Cai, M. Parry, M. Rahmani, L. Xu, A. Fedotova, G. Marino, M. Lysevych, H. Tan, C. Jagadish, A. Miroshnichenko, G. Leo, A. Sukhorukov, F. Setzpfandt, T. Pertsch, I. Staude, D. Neshev (2020). Non-Degenerate Sum-Frequency Generation in (110)-Grown GaAs Nanoresonators. In 2020 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Pacific Rim (CLEO-PR) (pp. 1-2). IEEE.

  • Weissflog M. A., S. Saravi, C. Gigli, G. Marino, A. Borne, G. Leo, T. Pertsch & F. Setzpfandt (2021). Describing SPDC at the Nanoscale: A Quasinormal Mode Approach. In 2021 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe & European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO/Europe-EQEC) (pp. 1-1). IEEE.

  • Wiesner F, Wünsche M, Reinhard J, Abel JJ, Nathanael J, Skruszewicz S, Rödel C, Yulin S, Gawlik A, Schmidl G, Hübner U, Plentz J, Paulus GG, Fuchs S. (2021) Material-specific imaging of nanolayers using extreme ultraviolet coherence tomography. Opt Vol 8, Issue 2, pp 230-238. 2021;8(2):230-238.


Publications in 2020

  • Alismail, A., Wang, H., Barbiero, G., Altwaijry, N., Hussain, S. A., Pervak, V., Schweinberger, W., Azzeer, A. M., Krausz, F., & Fattahi, H. (2020). Multi-octave, CEP-stable source for high-energy field synthesis. Science Advances, 6(7), eaax3408. 

  • Boolakee, T., Heide, C., Wagner, F., Ott, C., Schlecht, M., Ristein, J., Weber, H. B., & Hommelhoff, P. (2020). Length-dependence of light-induced currents in graphene. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 53(15), 154001. 

  • Cavanna, A [Andrea], Hammer, J., Okoth, C [Cameron], Ortiz-Ricardo, E., Cruz-Ramirez, H., Garay-Palmett, K., U'Ren, A. B., Frosz, M. H., Jiang, X., Joly, N. Y., & Chekhova, M. V [Maria V.] (2020). Progress toward third-order parametric down-conversion in optical fibers. Physical Review a, 101(3). 

  • Donie, Y. J., Theobald, D., Moghadamzadeh, S., Mertens, A., Hossain, I. M., Paetzold, U. W., Lemmer, U [Uli], & Gomard, G. (2020). Planarized and Compact Light Scattering Layers Based on Disordered Titania Nanopillars for Light Extraction in Organic Light Emitting Diodes. Advanced Optical Materials, 2001610. 

  • Eigner, C., Padberg, L., Santandrea, M., Herrmann, H., Brecht, B., & Silberhorn, C. (2020). Spatially single mode photon pair source at 800 nm in periodically poled Rubidium exchanged KTP waveguides. Optics Express, 28(22), 32925–32935. 

  • Fröbel, F. G., Ziems, K. M., Peschel, U., Gräfe, S., & Schubert, A. (2020). The impact of electron–electron correlation in ultrafast attosecond single ionization dynamics. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 53(14), 144005. 

  • Golovan, L. A., Elopov, A. V., Zaitsev, V. B., Ezhov, A. A., Zhigunov, D. M., Karpov, O. N., Shandryuk, G. A., Merekalov, A. S., & Talroze, R. V. (2020). Photoluminescence of CdSe and CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots in Amorphous and Liquid-Crystalline Polymer Matrices. Polymer Science, Series a, 62(6), 701–713. 

  • Götzfried, J., Döpp, A., Gilljohann, M. F., Foerster, F. M., Ding, H., Schindler, S., Schilling, G., Buck, A., Veisz, L., & Karsch, S. (2020). Physics of High-Charge Electron Beams in Laser-Plasma Wakefields. Physical Review X, 10(4). 

  • Haerteis, L.‑S., Renner, E., & Schmauss, B. (2020). Time and Wavelength Division Multiplexing of Branched Fiber Bragg Grating Arrays. In OSA technical digest. Optical Sensors: Part of Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress : 22-26 June 2020, Washington, DC, United States (paper STh3G.3). OSA - the Optical Society. 

  • Hahn, V., Kiefer, P., Frenzel, T., Qu, J., Blasco, E., Barner‐Kowollik, C., & Wegener, M. (2020). Rapid Assembly of Small Materials Building Blocks (Voxels) into Large Functional 3D Metamaterials. Advanced Functional Materials, 30(26), 1907795. 

  • Hahn, V., & Wegener, M. (2020). Response to “Comment on Rapid Assembly of Small Materials Building Blocks (Voxels) into Large Functional 3D Metamaterials”. Advanced Functional Materials, 30(30), 2003402. 

  • Hammer, J., Chekhova, M. V [Maria V.], Häupl, D. R., Pennetta, R., & Joly, N. Y. (2020). Broadly tunable photon-pair generation in a suspended-core fiber. Physical Review Research, 2(1). 

  • Heide, C., Hauck, M., Higuchi, T., Ristein, J., Ley, L., Weber, H. B., & Hommelhoff, P. (2020). Attosecond-fast internal photoemission. Nature Photonics, 14(4), 219–222.

  • Heimerl, J., Higuchi, T., Ammon, M., Schneider, M. A., & Hommelhoff, P. (2020). Gap-size dependence of optical near fields in a variable nanoscale two-tip junction. Physical Review B, 101(12).  

  • Hofmann, O [Oskar], Chemerenko, O., Finger, J., Eifel, S., Stollenwerk, J., & Loosen, P. (2020). Highly dynamic positioning of individual laser beams in a multi-beam system for laser surface processing. Procedia CIRP, 94, 812–816. 

  • Hofmann, O [Oskar], Stollenwerk, J., & Loosen, P. (2020). Design of multi-beam optics for high throughput parallel processing. Journal of Laser Applications, 32(1), 12005. 

  • Hossain, I. M., Donie, Y. J., Schmager, R., Abdelkhalik, M. S., Rienäcker, M., Wietler, T. F., Peibst, R., Karabanov, A., Schwenzer, J. A., Moghadamzadeh, S., Lemmer, U [Ulrich], Richards, B. S., Gomard, G., & Paetzold, U. W. (2020). Nanostructured front electrodes for perovskite/c-Si tandem photovoltaics. Optics Express, 28(6), 8878–8897. 

  • Kiefer, P., Hahn, V., Nardi, M., Yang, L., Blasco, E., Barner‐Kowollik, C., & Wegener, M. (2020). Sensitive Photoresists for Rapid Multiphoton 3D Laser Micro‐ and Nanoprinting. Advanced Optical Materials, 8(19), 2000895. 

  • Klemke, N., Mücke, O. D., Rubio, A., Kärtner, F. X., & Tancogne-Dejean, N. (2020). Role of intraband dynamics in the generation of circularly polarized high harmonics from solids. Physical Review B, 102(10). 

  • Knopf, H [H.], Eilenberger, F [F.], Rupprecht, C., Sedov, E., Klaas, M., Blei, M., Lundt, N [N.], Tongay, S [S.], Taniguchi, T [T.], Watanabe, K [Kenji], Schulz, U [U.], Kavokin, A., Höfling, S [S.], & Schneider, C [C.]. (2020). Manipulation of room-temperature valley-coherent exciton-polaritons in atomically thin crystals by real and artificial magnetic fields. 2D Materials.

  • Korobenko, A., Johnston, K., Kubullek, M., Arissian, L., Dube, Z., Wang, T., Kübel, M., Naumov, A. Y., Villeneuve, D. M., Kling, M. F., Corkum, P. B., Staudte, A., & Bergues, B. (2020). Femtosecond streaking in ambient air. Optica, 7(10), 1372. 

  • Kubullek, M., Wang, Z., Brelje, K. von der, Zimin, D., Rosenberger, P., Schötz, J., Neuhaus, M., Sederberg, S., Staudte, A., Karpowicz, N., Kling, M. F., & Bergues, B. (2020). Single-shot carrier–envelope-phase measurement in ambient air. Optica, 7(1), 35. 

  • Lammers, K., Siems, M. P., Ehrhardt, M., Alberucci, A., Szameit, A., Gross, H., & Nolte, S. (2020, February). Nanograting based birefringent retardation elements in integrated photonic circuits. In U. Klotzbach, R. Kling, & A. Watanabe (Eds.), Laser-based Micro- and Nanoprocessing XIV (p. 46). SPIE. 

  • Lohse, L. M [Leon M.], Robisch, A. L., Töpperwien, M [Mareike], Maretzke, S., Krenkel, M., Hagemann, J., & Salditt, T [Tim] (2020). A phase-retrieval toolbox for X-ray holography and tomography. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 27(Pt 3), 852–859. 

  • Lohse, L. M [L. M.], Vassholz, M., Töpperwien, M [M.], Jentschke, T., Bergamaschi, A., Chiriotti, S., & Salditt, T [T.] (2020). Spectral µCT with an energy resolving and interpolating pixel detector. Optics Express, 28(7), 9842–9859. 

  • Nechayev, S., Eismann, J. S., Neugebauer, M., & Banzer, P. (2020). Shaping Field Gradients for Nanolocalization. ACS Photonics, 7(3), 581–587. 

  • Ngo, G. Q., George, A., Schock, R. T. K., Tuniz, A., Najafidehaghani, E., Gan, Z., Geib, N. C., Bucher, T., Knopf, H [Heiko], Saravi, S., Neumann, C., Lühder, T., Schartner, E. P., Warren-Smith, S. C., Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H., Pertsch, T., Schmidt, M. A., Turchanin, A., & Eilenberger, F [Falk] (2020). Scalable Functionalization of Optical Fibers Using Atomically Thin Semiconductors. Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.), 32(47), e2003826. 

  • Padberg, L., Santandrea, M., Rüsing, M., Brockmeier, J., Mackwitz, P., Berth, G., Zrenner, A., Eigner, C., & Silberhorn, C. (2020). Characterisation of width-dependent diffusion dynamics in rubidium-exchanged KTP waveguides. Optics Express, 28(17), 24353–24362. 

  • Pennetta, R., Xie, S., Zeltner, R., Hammer, J., & St. Russell, P. J. (2020). Optomechanical cooling and self-stabilization of a waveguide coupled to a whispering-gallery-mode resonator. Photonics Research, 8(6), 844. 

  • Perrin, S., Donie, Y. J., Montgomery, P., Gomard, G., & Lecler, S. (2020). Compensated Microsphere-Assisted Interference Microscopy. Physical Review Applied, 13(1). 

  • Pjotr Stoevelaar, L., Berzinš, J., Silvestri, F., Fasold, S., Zangeneh Kamali, K., Knopf, H [Heiko], Eilenberger, F [Falk], Setzpfandt, F., Pertsch, T., Bäumer, S. M. B., & Gerini, G. (2020). Nanostructure-modulated planar high spectral resolution spectro-polarimeter. Optics Express, 28(14), 19818–19836. 

  • Roeder, F., Shalaby, M., Beleites, B., Ronneberger, F., & Gopal, A. (2020). Thz generation by optical rectification of intense near-infrared pulses in organic crystal BNA. Optics Express, 28(24), 36274–36285. 

  • Runge, A. F. J., Hudson, D. D., Tam, K. K. K., Sterke, C. M. de, & Blanco-Redondo, A. (2020). The pure-quartic soliton laser. Nature Photonics, 14(8), 492–497. 

  • Rupprecht, C., Klaas, M., Knopf, H [H.], Taniguchi, T [T.], Watanabe, K [K.], Qin, Y., Tongay, S [S.], Schröder, S., Eilenberger, F [F.], Höfling, S [S.], & Schneider, C [C.] (2020). Demonstration of a polariton step potential by local variation of light-matter coupling in a van-der-Waals heterostructure. Optics Express, 28(13), 18649–18657. 

  • Tam, K. K. K., Alexander, T. J., Blanco-Redondo, A., & Sterke, C. M. de (2020). Generalized dispersion Kerr solitons. Physical Review a, 101(4). 

  • Tanaka, K., Arslan, D., Fasold, S., Steinert, M., Sautter, J., Falkner, M., Pertsch, T., Decker, M., & Staude, I. (2020). Chiral Bilayer All-Dielectric Metasurfaces. ACS Nano, 14(11), 15926–15935. 


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