The Max Planck School of Photonics (MPSP)

Your excellent Graduate School in Germany

The Max Planck School of Photonics (MPSP) is a top tier interdisciplinary graduate school in Germany that provides an integrated MSc and PhD program (or "PhD only") in Photonics for excellent graduates from all over the world. We offer:
Subsantial funding - no tuition fees

Subsantial funding - no tuition fees

So you can focus on learning and researching, you will receive generous grants from us (during study phase) or employment positions (during research phase).
Excellent teaching and research facilities

Excellent teaching and research facilities

The laboratories and teaching facilities of our partner institutions make the student's heart beat faster - because excellent research needs excellent equipment.
An outstanding network of world-renowned Fellows

An outstanding network of world-renowned Fellows

During your PhD, you'll be supervised by one of our MPSP Fellows and receive support and knowledge from the entire Fellow network.
Very good industry contacts for your career start

Very good industry contacts for your career start

Academia, industry or your own startup? However your career path should look like - the MPSP ideally prepares you for it through training and contacts.


THE STUDY PHASE - Your MSc Program
If you join the MPSP with a Bachelor's degree (=undergraduate), you first complete the 2-year "study phase". During this first phase, you obtain a master’s degree in photonics at one of our three teaching universities.
After the study phase (or if you apply with a qualifying MSc degree) you can start your research project. In the 3-year "research phase" you conduct your doctoral project in photonics under supervision of our MPSP Fellows.


  • Photonics is a dynamic physical science which focusses on light itself, (the photon) creation, manipulation, control and photonics applications in everyday life.
  • Photonics is the key technology for various research areas and innovative branches of industry, which drives technological development in the 21st century. As the 20th century was for electronics, this century is expected to be the age of photonics.
If you are a graduate with a background in physics, engineering or a related field, Photonics is your chance to enlighten the world with your research and work. With a PhD in photonics, you will have numerous career opportunities in both academia and industry.


Germany is one of the leading Photonics nations in Europe and the whole world. German researchers at universities and non-universitarian research institutions produce excellent contributions to all photonics-related disciplines and fields - from attosecond physics to quantum optics, from fundamental research to industry-oriented applications. At the Max Planck School of Photonics, we connect the brightest minds from diverse institutions to give our candidates access to their combined knowledge and cutting-edge research. You can join research groups of your choice and contribute to ground breaking research.



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